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HABS/HAER Photographic Documentation

The Historic American Building Survey (HABS) is a joint documentation project of the National Park Service (NPS), the Library of Congress (LC) and the Architectural Institute of America (AIA). The Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), is also a joint documentation project of NPS, LC and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Both of these programs were initiated by an act of Congress to catalogue, document and preserve significant historical examples of architecture and engineering relevant to the American experience. HABS/HAER projects produce precise and detailed documentation of structures with measured drawings, photographic copies of historic photographs and building plans, written histories and large format photography. When complete these documents are housed in county and state archives and, most important, at the Library of Congress division of Prints and Photographs.

I have completed numerous documentation projects for historians, architectural historians, historic archaeologists, archaeologists and architects. This work, in addition to mapping archaeological sites and excavations, also included photographic documentation of archaeological sites, recovered artifacts and HABS/HAER documentation. Included in this work are approximately 40 HABS/HAER projects ranging in scope from single structures (buildings, dams, bridges and military sites) to historic districts having more than 70 structures. Although contracts for these projects have been primarily in the western states, I have worked outside the United States in Baja California, Peru and Wake Island. Please contact me for estimates on your documentation projects via E-mail at